New instro CD sale of Mocha band

New instro CD sale of Mocha band.In four music entering, three music is original and one music is the Iwate folk song.
A title is "Let's Go Mocha band".Please Order.
1.Title : Let's Go Mocha Band
2.Price : 10$(A postage is included)
3.Sale scheduled day : September 20 (Only 100disk)
4. Payment : A transfer place is enclosed at the time of CD sending.
please send by air mail
Order : Mail
address : 1-14-21 Higashiyama Morioka-City Iwate-Ken Japan
Masamitsu Sato ( Web.Master : Mocha Band Side Guitar & Keybord )
News Let's Go! Mocha Band Review was carried by UK Pipeline magazine
CD Jacket Back Cover
1.Beyond The Night Sky(Composition Sato)
It is the music adopted as Mr. Mine's CD.An arrangement is a Northern Europe instro tone.
2.Dry Surf(Composition Sato)
An arrangement is surfing.
3.Midnight Dreaming(Composition Takahashi)
An arrangement is a Terry tone.
4.Cyagu Cyagu Umakko(Iwate Folk Song)
Japanese Folk Song.An arrangement is a Terry tone.
Mr.Yamaguchi's Recommendation
How long have I been waiting for this CD like so many other people!
Now in your hand you have an exceptionally nice CD of a very neat production.
For the people who are not familiar with the name, Mocha band, here are some pieces of information. Mocha band was born as a beat/instro band in Morioka (when pronounced short, the similar sound as "Mocha"), the northern part of Japan, in 1971.
Through its long career as an established local band, spanning more than thirty years, Mocha band has learned varied Rock Instrumental styles from such bands as The Ventures, The Astronauts, Terry & the Blue Jeans, just to name some. The most noteworthy thing is, however, that they have been successful in mixing them up in their own unique style.
This 4 track CD simply shows how well they can do it with an unbeatable real passion for this type of music.
Just play this CD, and enjoy listening to their music. I can easily imagine that you will shout "More!", realizing 4 tracks are not enough. So I hope this EP/CD is only a starter, and we can just wait "more" to follow. May Mocha Band spread the exotic aroma of "Eleki"(Japanese word for RI) all over the world, because you are tasty.
Let's go Mocha Band! Knock us out!
This piece was covered by Nobuhiro Mine, the legendary guitarist in Japan. With the catchy melodies, you will find this tune very impressive.
cqx SURF
Apparently, Mocha Band loves surfin' numbers so much that they offered the chance to enjoy the music, especially for those unable to swim, "dry surfers"!
Just as the title shows itself, this number is very beautiful. Quiet and smooth, but the spirit of Rock Instro is still there to stay.
Adapted from an old traditional Japanese folk song, which is widely known in their local area.
Some infuences of Terry Terauchi's guitar style can be found in their arrangement.
(Toshiyuki Yamaguchi September, 2001)
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