Introduction of single CD which the singer of a mocha band group released

At the skill of sweet voice and a song, it is the pro average.A melody is also altogether good at original.

Record Label : EDBARRY/ALM Number : LMCD-0043 Date : 1989 Price : 1000yen Artist : YOSHIHIKO SUGIURA Track : (1)TASOGARE CORNER (2)TAMEIKI NO LULLABY[Real Audio]       Record Label : EDBARRY/ALM Number : SYC-201 Date : 1994 Artist : YOSHIHIKO SUGIURA Price : 1000yen Track : (1)Christmas pageant[Real Audio] (2)This instrumental music    

Record Label : GM FACTORY Number : GMFR0001 Date : 001年 Artist : RYUICHI NANASE Price : 1000yen Track : (1)eye's[Real Audio] (2)Prologue (3)eye's(KARAOKE) (4)Prologue(KARAOKE)
The 2nd cartridge of NANASE.Isn't the masterpiece "A night train" of NANASE CD-ized? .
------------------------------------------------------------------ Mr. Sugiura who becomes his song whatever it may sing.[TAMEIKI NO LULLABY] is moved to tears.

Record Label : EDBARRY/ALM Number : SYC-201 Date : 1996 Artist : RYUICHI NANASE Price : 1000yen Track : (1)IHATOBU SONG[Real Audio] (2)BOKURA NO SEKAI (3)IHATOBU SONG(KARAOKE) (4)BOKURA NO SEKAI(KARAOKE)
The all songs of sweet Mr NANASE of voice and CD of a mocha band were sung.
------------------------------------------------------------------ It took charge of the performance and the arrangement.With a singer's Hanasaki, it is unacquainted. There is also no credit.

Record Label : Columbia Number : GSS-1489-CP Date : 2000 Artist : SHINICHI HANASAKI Price : 1000yen Track : (1)Lake-side memory SHION (2)Lake-side memory SHION(KARAOKE) (3)KOI-NO JYOUKAMACHI[Real Audio] (4)KOI-NO JYOUKAMACHI(KARAOKE)
TEKE TEKE was put in although it was ENKA.