World ELEKI Network-Finland

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Major Band
PhotographBand Name Great Musicimformation
The Mustangs AQUARIUS
MUSTANGS which Finland is
proud of.Famous also for Japan.
CD is here.
The Lunatics Mr.MOTO
Escape From 5Th
No sleep till Twang of
The Lunatics's Homepage
CD is here.
The Beatmakers Mountain tale
Only A Fool Breaks ..
The page of The Beatmakers
of Finland.
CD is here.
Puppe &
The Boys
Twistaawat pojat
Aika Kulkee
Aika Kulkee of
Puppe & The boys
Home Page is Comin' soon
CD is here.
Record Company
Link SiteSite Name imformation
RAUTALANKA RECORDS Rautalanka Records is Rockin Instrumental Label from Finland
Silver Strings CD is [Lonely Guitar].
Lonely Mountain ash[MP3]
Remembering[MP3] ----CD is here.
Mr.Yamaguchi recommends ,The Fellows of Twangsville.
The Fellows CD is [The Old Spinning Wheel].
The Old Spinning Wheel