Link of Used ELEKI shop
The used instrument shop which I am checking regularly is introduced in this corner. When the postage is put, a popular model doesn't change like that with buying it in the Japanese country in the case of America. But, there is a thing which a find is and to spread very cheap.It is the $ the 250th prize with tube reverb of Fender

****Japanese domestic used ELEKI shop****
If it is a country, it is sufficient with Digimart. Anything is gathered.
In a large quantity of the secondhand number, most? B
The correspondence with the musical instrument store of Sapporo, products offered, and sincerity is Good.
SOUND HOUSE(Only a new article)
To the master, the circumference material of the instrument. Both the thing which is not in the homepage and what are pulled. This is cheap! ! 25-45% of convenience off.
****Used instrument shop in the United States****
GuitarBass GuitarMall
The stock of each store meeting of the secondhand American instrument shop can be looked up. I looked it up with this, too, and bought an amplifier.
Harvey's Guitars
The store which bought an amplifier. Because there is a person who studied in Japan, it is Japanese OK, and it is relieved.
Used Gear by Mail
There is much number of articles. It is cheap. A stock catalog is sent. Though it is good, there is no image in the homepage, fault.
****Repea shop****
It asks for repea of Yamaha Corp. SG. The thing purchased for 20000 yen became BLUE JEANS model


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