Sky-Perfect-TV/GS Broadcast music collection

The music table of 427 digital and the radio broadcasts of sky perfect TV
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Since the music broadcast is almost the same, it will end in May, 2001.
A Ka Sa Ta Na Ha Ma Ya Ra Wa
I Ki Shi Chi Ni Hi Mi * Ri *
U Ku Su Tu Nu Fu Mu Yu Ru *
E Ke Se Te Ne He Me * Re *
O Ko So To No Ho Mo Yo Ro Q

Golden Cups The Spiders The Jaguars
The Tempters The Tigers Blue Cometts
The Canabeats The Wild Ones The Dynamites
The Launchers The SwingWest The Savage
The Hapningsfour The Sarp Hawks The Village Singers
The Mops Takeshi Terauchi OX
Zoo Nee Voo The Voltage Out Cust
The Wanders Purple Shadows Van Dogs

The Savage & Rei Nakanishi
The program table of this week : 5/28 to 6/03