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Song Each tune demonstration. to [REAL PLAYER]
Member It is the introduction of the member of the band.
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Instro Mocha Band Performance Tune instro -Beer hall Live Stage-


MOCHA BAND was organized in 1971.It was Fork Band which two people put together at that time. After that, bass and drums were added, and it became present organization.

Played music changed in the Rock from the Fork Song, too.It was a place to vary from the dance party to the musical, and played. Though it was Beatlse and Ventures mainly, a played tune came to play the original after that. A The cassette which became the base of this CD was sold in 1983.

After that, a band was continuing the activities with repeating member alternation. Is there an original tape from the guest who came to listen to the performance any more? If that cassette is made a CD?. There were many voices. It conferred with the old member, and it was decided newly that a work came through the CD.

A song was being sung with the cassette with itself. This time, all the tunes [RYUICHI NANASE] sang.

It is the album which an atmosphere in 70 fee does from 60 fee. Everyone is to listen.